19 comments on “Boston Marathon Race Recap

  1. Thank you for writing so eloquently from the heart and sharing this extraordinary experience. I loved reading it!

  2. This was wonderfully written! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Congratulations!! It sounds like you and your family had an awesome experience!

    • Thanks! It was indeed an amazing experience. We also crammed a huge amount of sightseeing (for little girls) into our stay, so everyone was tired out and happy to be back in our own beds last night. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Amazing job on Monday!!! It was a hot, tough race but you stayed strong! Most people ran much slower than their goal time– including me. Regardless of the heat and conditions, what a memorable day!! I still can’t stop thinking about the race and cannot wait to run it again. Now I truly know what all the hype is about 🙂 Congratulations again!!!

    • Thanks, Jane! I am looking at what you said above and agree with every word, which apply to you as well. So, what you said! It’s four days later and I am still basking in the glow of having finished Boston.

  4. Truly an amazing accomplishment Matt! Your writing makes me feel as though I experienced it with you!! Congratulations, it is a memory that will last a lifetime!!

  5. Way to go Matt! Or should we say- “MATT!! MATT!! MATT!! MATT!!”….
    We were honored just to be able to witness such a great event. Even for those of us lucky enough to be here and see you run, this instant memoir is a wonderful perspective. A real shoe level view that brings your sights and sounds of the race and its larger significance to life. Makes us feel like we were literally running along side of you. But alas, we were exhausted just managing to get a glimpse of you at a few points over the race, so we can scarcely imagine the feat you accomplished by going the entire 26.2! Amazing. Your courage, focus and determination are something to behold. Rock on and Run on, Brother Matthew!!

    • Thanks! The event was made all the better with you and the other family members there. Thanks also, of course, for hosting us for much of our stay. We all had a great time.

  6. Awww, this is such an incredible recap!!
    I was down by the finish line, one of the hundreds of people yelling strangers name (with no sarcasm at all) and you could see how our cheers impacted them.
    We could see them muster up their last dose of energy to power on through to the end and it only made us cheer harder and cheer longer.

    What an honor for you to be apart of something so great! I was reading this with great relish, you’re a tremendous story-teller. Your writing voice is becoming one of my favorites.
    Well done Matt, in Cake land we’re very proud of you too ❤

    • It was a great, great day. Dana, thanks for being out there cheering on Monday and thanks so much for the kind words about my writing – I take that as high praise from someone with a fun and unique voice of her own. Thanks for reading!

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