7 comments on “Okay, Seriously, Just Stop It

  1. Dude, I totally feel you! I think people who complain about things like this just don’t want to be happy and will find the stupidest reasons not to be. Honestly, it’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point…

    • Ridiculous is correct. I mean, not that anyone really needs to feel bad for Starbucks because they sell crazy amounts of coffee and make a gazillion dollars a day, but I kind of do feel bad for Starbucks. And I’m not even a big Starbucks fan. Their coffee is fine, but there are other places I’d rather go. I think once a chain is big enough, like Starbucks, people will just complain about any changes they make simply because they don’t like change and it makes them feel good to complain. Imagine for a second what the reaction would be if the reverse change happened, if Starbucks had this high-tech ordering system all along, and then announced they were scrapping it in favor of writing names on the cup by hand. I absolutely guarantee you that the exact same people complaining now would also be complaining about that change, saying Starbucks was being “cheap” or some such thing.

      • I totally get feeling bad for Starbucks. Obviously they’re doing just fine, but it always sucks when someone/some company can do no right in the eyes of the general public. You’re totally right! If they were to stop using their ordering system people would bitch about that to.

  2. Wow. Just. Wow. There a bigger problems in America people! I work in a retail pharmacy and the garbage people will complain about is unreal! Like the cost of their insulin… Well ya know if you’d take half the garbage out of your basket like um; donuts and crap you’d be saving a lot of money!!

    • It’s the modern American way, isn’t it? I want everything now, with no commitments on my end and no consequences for my actions. It sounds great, until you realize it’s entirely impossible. And, now that you reminded me of this post, I am suddenly craving a cup of coffee.

    • Also, since I started dealing with clients at my own job a few years ago, my patience with anybody who needs to serve customers (especially the general public) has gone way up.

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