2 comments on “What I Want for National Cancer Survivors Day

  1. Not gonna lie, I read this over 4 times.
    Then I sent it to my boss who is also a cancer survivor.
    Who’s sisters (both of them) are battling cancer. Who’s wife has been diagnosed with her 4 bout. Each one different.
    This was deep in a beautiful way, I hope you don’t mind that I passed it on because he’s going through it right now. But I know he’d want me to say thank you for him.
    Thank you ❤

    • Oh, of course I don’t mind! This blog is for consumption by anyone who wants to read it. Really glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your boss did as well. All the best to him and his sisters. Cancer is rough and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, but I also will never regret having had it myself. If you make it through to being a survivor, it is a wonderful thing.

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