5 comments on “What Are The Odds?

  1. man oh man oh MAN!!
    I get a flat tire and the first thing I do is call Progressive. That said, they really ain’t shit when it comes to securing you help in a timely manner.
    I was aggravated just reading this but I see his point, it’s one of those things that’s hard as hell to remember and stand by in the heat of things but totally makes sense afterwards.
    Glad you made it through ok. Going through something like that is strangely better done alone.

    • Yeah, I was lucky to be alone with my dog. Oddly, once it got to be really late at night it was almost peaceful out there. Almost.

      I don’t enjoy calling for help. I mean, I can change a tire. I change my own oil. But, in the event of catastrophic engine failure? Yeah, I need some help because that car will never move again.

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