3 comments on “Announcing the Pokemon GO 5k!

  1. Hahahahaahahah!!!
    Where do you come up with this stuff!!?!

    Damn man, mad respect to the scarasm, wit, double entendre, irony and pure hilarity of this post.
    I was NOT ready for the pic of the selfie stick, I laughed one of those ugly laughs at that because I pictured someone struggling to hold it up long and still enough to take a shot, beaming and perspiring, without stopping.
    And then you go and bring up the beaming jack-o-lantern face and it cracked me up all over again.
    Sorta of a burping inhale-exhale-yell kind of laugh. Very ugly. Like I said.

    • I don’t know if I have a good answer for your question other than, I have a twisted imagination. And I will have you know that the entire goal of this post was to cause burping inhale-exhale laughter. So thank you, I suppose I succeeded. Although there really should be video of this laugh.

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